Thursday, February 4, 2010

Welcome to Novarata!

Hello Nobody!

Welcome to my first blog post that will inevititably fall to the bottom of the list and never be read by anyone!

However, it's here I will define my mission for this blog:

Blog Mission - Strengthen my technical knowledge, work on my writing skills and help my fellow tech nerds.

So there it is, thanks for not reading it nobody, it really means a lot.

Most of the work I do is in Microsoft .NET 3.5, so while I will try to keep my posts as high level as possible, when I go into details, this is the form it will take. As I write this blog, I will try my best to categorize which posts will be going into the nuts and bolts and which ones will stay at the 10,000 foot view (BOOM Buuzzzword). Thanks for not reading.

To round out my initial post, I'll link a few interesting articles I've recently read.

-Great article about one man's journey to scale a massive internet application

What Second Life can teach your datacenter about scaling Web apps

-I used to work for a wireless carrier so stories like this are interesting to me. More politics over spectrum using the iPad as fodder to push agendas

Government warns of wireless network congestion again, rides iPad to push its spectrum agenda

-Wired's full coverage of the Apple iPad. Curious to see if this thing hangs around.

Apple’s iPad Tablet: Full Coverage

That's all for now.


  1. So will the iPad replace the engineers notebook, the students backpack, the patients chart, etc. Well yea! When? How? and Who? will benifit are the key questions.

  2. It will benefit greatly from the pioneering that the iPhone has done winning over the public. The question is whether someone needs an iPhone AND this or not...